Programme - Invited Speaker

Inclusive Development & Appropriate Technology
Openfog & seven pillars - fog computing for a small village
DR. SON, Muntak
After studying microiology (B.Sc) and biochemical engineering (M. Eng.) at Seoul National University, and analytical chemistry at Univ. of South Australia (Ph.D), he founded Joy Institute of Technology, an NGO to develop open-source science education kits for developing countries.
Failure testing: a limit state approach to engineered biological wastewater treatment
DR. CONNELLY, Stephanie
University of Glasgow
Dr Stephanie Connelly (SC) is an EPSRC researcher at the University of Glasgow. Her work applies limit state methodology to the design of synthetic microbial communities for decentralised, sustainable biological water and wastewater treatment systems and encompasses engineering, microbial ecology and molecular microbiology.
3D modelling of compressed soil bricks masonry structure
Amir is a multidisciplinary civil engineer in structural design, building pathology, transport and mobility. He is a structure and material specialist at a global engineering firm in France. His developing interest include the development of natural material in building structure, Reinforcing Structural member in RC by natural fiber, Timber Composite structure and Compressed Soil brick Masonry structure.