Programme - Poster Sessions

Energy & Environment
The talk sessions of energy and the environment group aim at the development of technology collaboration on energy and the environment between Europe and Korea. Recently Korea drives energy transition from fossil fuels and nuclear into renewable energy sources. In addition, Korea has suffered from environmental problems such as fine particulates and resource inefficiency. As Europe has led energy transition and sustainable development, the collaboration between Korea and Europe can benefit to each other. Therefore this group facilitates diverse collaboration opportunities on energy and the environment by sharing their knowledge, insight and ideas. In the talk sessions, delegates will discuss the key global issues, core trends and collaboration opportunities in the field of energy and the environment with experts and key persons from diverse sectors including industry, government, local authorities, research institutions and academia. As one of the typical interdisciplinary subjects, energy and the environment group holds interdisciplinary sessions at EKC2018 in collaboration with Appropriate Technology Group, Material Science Technology Group, Built Environment Group and Marine and Ocean Group as follows:  Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Devolution in Future Energy Ecosystem  Workshop for Korea-Europe Collaboration on Energy R&D  Solar Energy Materials  Moving toward sustainability: Innovating wastewater treatment for bioenergy and value added products  Transition of Environmental Industry toward Industry 4.0  Particulate Matter  Nuclear Waste Disposal In the poster presentation, specific topics on energy and the environment are presented focusing on each presenter's recent researches and works. As each presenter can inform delegates of his/her expertise effectively, delegates can find collaboration partners at the poster presentation by understanding each participant’s expertise, research interests and key activities. Through these events, energy and the environment group offers delegates a valuable opportunity to create a new network for open innovation.

The posters belonging to this group will be displayed after examining all papers.