Programme - Poster Sessions

Mechatronics & Aerospace
The Mechatronics and Aerospace Industry in Europe is one of the most advanced industries in the world and also highly accredited for its sustainable job creation during the recent economic downturn time. Within the vast Mechatronics area, the robotics is one of the key areas that South Korea invests a lot of efforts to catch up the gap, whilst Korean automotive industry is now leading the world automotive innovations. This session group aims to gather together Korean and European Mechatronics and Aerospace experts for their exchange of opinions and viewpoints on the Korean/European Projects and related Industries, review the current and new development projects, in view of potential cooperation in this domain. This session group, therefore, plans to organize the following sessions: • Session 1 – Space Exploration Strategy and Technology Development • Session 2 – Propulsion and Power systems in Aerospace and Automotive Industries • Session 3 – Robotics and Industry 4.0 • Session 4 – Latest Advances in High-Performance Computer (HPC) and its Engineering Application (Jointly organised with ITM group) • Session 5 – Big Data in Aerospace and Automotive Industries (Jointly organised with ITM group) • Session 6 – Intelligent Mobility and Zero Emission Vehicles However, additional subjects could be added for discussion, should you propose within your abstract submission. We strongly encourage you to express yourself, while you are in Europe or from Korea. In addition to the above Science and Technology Sessions, the European Korean Mechanics and Aerospace Experts Group will organize its Group Creation Ceremony and the first General Assembly meeting during the EKC2018. All relevant experts in Europe and in Korea are cordially invited to this ceremony.
  • CHOI, Kevin (I-DREAM)
    Questions on the recent space exploration trend
  • KIM, Sogkyun (Nextran Technology Ltd.)
    Electric Propulsion System - Technology Trend and Its Future Direction