Programme - Poster Sessions

Material Science & Technology
The global materials industry is expected to reach US$10 trillion in size in 2018 by recording an annual average growth rate of 5.2%. In addition, materials’ contribution to high-tech industries amounted to 70% in the ICT sector, 60% in environmental technology and 50% in biotech last year. In other words, product quality and industrial competitiveness hinge on materials these days. Therefore, materials science and technology has been enormously promoted in order to develop novel materials by means of unprecedented research methodology in which creative ideas and hi-tech are combined with each other. In the sessions, it is aimed to serve an excellent stage for the examination of emerging materials research and development. • Session 1 – Graphene and 2D materials: Fundamentals and applications (combined with Basic Science 1) • Session 2 – Electronic materials and related devices (combined with Basic Science 2) • Session 3 – Emerging materials for smart technology • Session 4 – Solar energy materials • Session 5 – (Special Session) • Poster Session

The posters belonging to this group will be displayed after examining all papers.